at that time, she was just an angel in a white coat.

miki / 26 / she/her.

your friendly neighborhood cat lady, now with obscure likes and obscurer tastes. reading, writing, and playing games (mainly rpgs and visual novels) are my pastimes, as well as collecting merch and loving on my baby boy kitty, miles. i'm a very active sinoalice player, so if you need a minstrel/cleric support, don't be afraid to add me. ♡

♡ sinoalice ♡
♡ drakenier ♡
♡ ai: the somnium files ♡

♡ the idolmaster: cinderella girls ♡
♡ final fantasy ♡
♡ persona ♡
♡ ace attorney ♡
♡ professor layton ♡
♡ beauty and the beast ♡
♡ civilization ♡
♡ visual novels ♡
♡ neopets ♡

furiae, emil, snow white/miki yukishita ♡ drakenier/sinoalice

kaname date, mizuki okiura, aiba ♡ ai: the somnium files

rin shibuya, karen hojo, miho kohinata ♡ idolmaster: cinderella girls

yuna, final fantasy x ♡ grea, rage of bahamut ♡ belle, beauty and the beast ♡ miles morales, spider-man

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